Wood Waste Heaters

Wood Burning Heater Reduce Heating Costs

Wood Waste Heaters

Free Heating From Wood Waste

Wood Waste Burners, Energy Crisis Solutions

Wood waste burners are used to provide free heat from wood waste materials. Buying a wood waste burner could benefit you or your company by reducing heating costs. Another added benefit could be a reduction in the skip hire costs of removing wood waste. During summer months, heat can be vented away to allow continuous use of your wood burner.

Some of our clients turn a portion of their wood waste into briquettes. A briquetting machine is used to make compressed wood and even used coffee grounds into briquettes for many types of wood burning devices. The briquettes have a higher calorific value, so burn hotter and longer. Some clients sell the briquettes for profit. Another great way of profiting from wood waste.

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