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Wood Waste Industrial Heaters

Wood waste industrial heaters. Industrial wood burning heaters use wood waste as a source of free heat.  How much money would that save you or your company in skip hire removal costs? A great benefit would be considerable savings in energy use compared to traditional oil gas or electric powered heating systems.

Many users see a return on investment in as little as one year. We only stock the best wood waste burning heaters. Built to last, efficient burning methods to ensure maximum heat produced, years of hassle-free operation and low maintenance requirements.

Wood Waste Heaters

We have a good range of wood waste heaters to suit any size of business. Depending on the model, you can heat anywhere from 1500 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. All Wood Waste Technology Heaters have large, efficient fire boxes to reduce the labour involved in loading.

The fire boxes are lined with fire bricks to protect the main fire box and ensure long life for the wood burner. Every Wood Waste Technology heater manufactured is still in use today. Wood Waste Technology Heaters are so versatile. The heat can be channelled by ducting through walls and partitions.

Wood Waste Technology Heaters

Wood waste Technology WT5 Heater, Wood Waste Technology WT10 Heater, Wood Waste Technology WT15 Heater Wood Waste Technology WT2 Heater

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